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    PLZ HELP! Click to go to a website...

    critter_monster Level 1

      I've tried to find help on this and come so close...yet it doesn't seem to work. I am new at this.
      All I want to do is set up a banner ad (which I have done) with an invisible button (I have created it) where if you click anywhere on the ad, any time (it loops) you get a new browser window with my company website?!

      I've tried a bunch of the scripts people write here. Maybe I'm not getting it? For one thing, the Flash Player pops up at me with a nasty security warning that it's trying to go to a website. That sounds promising, but how do I know my viewers won't have that happen?

      How do I make sure the invisible button is always working? After the security warning it seems to disappear.

      Also, here's a real newbie question. Uh, where do I PUT the ActionScript? On the actions layer or the layer with the invisible button? does it make a difference, I've tried both...aaaaaaaah!!!!