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    How to get Hotspots to stay in the same place in Responsive Design?

    Predatorhackz Community Member

      Hello Adobe Community,

                                            This is my first post on the forum and it's a question. I have a nav bar image with seperate buttons inside, which i want to be linked to the corrosponding pages. However whenever i create a hotspot, the page resizes and the hotspots are moved! I understand why this is happening (Due to the page size changing and the hotspots staying where they are), however i was just wondering if there was a way around this problem. I will attatch the site below however note that this site is not complete and is just for test purposes.




      Thank you for reading and i hope you can help, this is driving me crazy!


      My Dreamweaver Version is CS6


      I have the full CS6 suite if that helps.


      The Navigation bar on the site above is what i am refering to.


      Thank you in advance for any help.