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    Viewing/Importing P2 media through Media Browser


      I'm working in CS6, trying to view and import footage from a P2 folder.  The footage is in it's original folder structure.  I have a few issues that I'll explain, since I'm not sure if they're related.  When I use the media browser, and go to that folder, the thumbnails show up for each clip, but for some reason they are really small.  If I drag the zoom slider, it makes the box that the clip is in bigger, but the clip thumbnail stays the same small size.  Along with this, there's no scrubbing timeline that pops up when I click on a clip.


      Issue #2:  When I double click on one of those thumbnails, it opens only the audio .MXF file in the source viewer.  If I drag that thumbnail to the project window, it only imports audio.  However, if I switch the media browser to view the P2 file directory, I can browse to the video folder separately and see the clips that way.  And when I do that, the thumbnails are the right size and I can scrub through them in the media browser, but as would be expected, if I drag that clip into the project window, I get only the video and no audio.  Any ideas?  Thanks!