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    RH10, Webhelp, Browser in Endless Loop


      We just upgraded from RH8 to RH10. Overall the transition seems to be smooth, but we have one hiccup. We have relative links from one RH project to another (our manuals). All external links work to forms or other sites. But the relative link from one manual to another does not seem to work.


      I just read another discussion involving RH10, Zoomsearch, and Firefox, in which the user described the following: 'The right-hand frame momentarily displays "Search loading, please wait," followed by a blank page, and the browser goes into in an endless "Connecting" loop.'


      This is similar to what we are experiencing with our Explorer window. The right-hand screen pulses around the border and seems to be stuck in a loop. An error message states "Object does not support this property or method. whproxy.js."


      What settings do we need to change?


      Message was edited by: ScribeDB26 I forgot to add that once I right-click (without selecting anything) in the pane, the desired page finally displays.