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    Customer submitted Web App Items & Expiry Date


      I'd like customers to be able to set a specific Expiry Date for Web App Items that they create. The html generated by the Web Apps Input Form only creates radio buttons of the options "Never Expire" and "Expire after X amount of days" 


      The solution offered here suggests creating something which masks those and while I could certainly get my javascript judo on and put a date picker in front of the ExpiryDate radio button options that calculates everything out, it just feels really "Rube Goldberg"-esque.


      Considering that every other way of creating web app items (CSV import or through the Admin Console) actually require a specfic expirey date to be supplied (even things set to never expire will technically expire in roughly 8,000 years), I find it incredibly hard to beleive that there is no way to set a specific expirey date through a form.

      Am I missing something?