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    can you direct where .cfa files are stored during the creation of a project?

    terry lee martin Level 1


      I have two hard drives connected to my computer. My primary drive is a 128gb SSD drive. I attempt to keep only installed programs on that drive. My second drive is a 2TB device that I use to keep all the working files and everything else. When I created a recent video project I thought that I was keeping all the files for that project on the 2TB drive, but after saving the project the first time I realized that all the CFA and PEK files and probably others, were being saved on to the 128GB SSD drive.


      How do I keep that from happening again?  I would like to keep everything related to a video project in a single folder so that I can delete everything  when the project is done, and therefore I can keep my computer clean of all the junk that is no longer needed.