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    disk setup question for new build (Premiere Pro & Photoshop CS6)

    J Isgett

      Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this question.  Let me first say that I have read the basics (especially Harm's general setup post) and watched many videos regarding disk setup for optimizing Premiere Pro CS6.  I am going to be using Premiere Pro for editing videos shot with my Canon 5d Mark III and creating projects for family, mostly.  I am looking forward to using this for event videography once I become proficient.  At this point I have worked some in Premiere Pro, but have most of my experience with Photoshop for photography.


      Regarding setup, I just built a new rig with the following specs:

      Gigabyte Mobo

      Core i7 3770

      32GB DDR3 1600

      GeForce GTX 660

      2 x 120GB SSDs (one free at the moment, the other for OS and pgms)

      1 x 500GB Raptor for storage


      I have about $300 budgeted for the remainder of the setup, so I can by another drive or two, maybe more depending on recommendations.  In hindsight, I feel like I should have left off the second SSD and bought 3 more of the 500GB Raptors and maybe a 2TB long storage drive.  However, I have it now and feel like I should use it, despite the fact that it doesn't seem to fit nicely with any of the remaining recommended setups for disk usage.  Here are what I see as options on how to proceed:


      1. I could purchase 3 more 120 GB SSDs and put them in RAID, leaving the 500GB Raptor for I don't know what, other than storage.  That doesn't seem like much room, though, especially for video editing.


      2. I could purchase 1 more 120 GB SSD and 1 more 500GB Raptor and put them in some RAID configuration.  Not sure how well that will work out or what is the best usage for that kind of configuration.


      3. I could purchase 2 more 500GB Raptors, setup some form of RAID and use the remaining SSD for who knows what.


      4. Something else I wish I were smart enough to see.


      All of your constructive suggestions are welcome, no matter what--on any aspect of my system, of course, not simply the hard drives.


      Thanks again.  I continue to be amazed at forums like these.