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    J2EE  Compile Path (web mxml compiler)

      I just recently began to look at Flex and therefore I am quite a newbie. I have created various examples and deployed them on a webcontainer. I am using the web compiler and not the standalone.
      At first I had a working solution where I had all my mxml files in the webapp root and I had some utility .as files in sub directories. This worked fine.
      directory was something like this

      webapp root
      -mxml files
      -directory a
      - directory b
      - action script files (with package a.b in the action script files )
      In my MXML files I simply needed to refer to the package names to gain access to any util classes defined

      Now I decided to refactor and clean up my examples a bit and my new dir structure is:
      webapp root
      - examples (directory)
      -flex (directory)
      -mxml files
      - flex (directory)
      -dk (directory)
      - action script files (package name is : flex.dk.util)

      Now it doesn't work anymore. The flexbuilder can compile the files just fine but the web compiler complaines that it doesn't know anything about the package names defined in the mxml files that need to use the util classes.
      So I guess it has something to do with the compile classpath and that the default only looks from the root(where the mxml files are defined ) and traverses all child directories relative to the mxml files directory.
      I played around with settings but I am stuck, can't make it work. I would appreciate it very much if anybody could give me hint to what I should do or change in the compile settings (flex-config.xml)