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    jaggies while dragging timeline head and annoying wireline nick-nacks

    Rod Lord



      Have been trying to switch off the really annoying behaviour in the After Effects CS6 user interface but can't seem to identify in preferences what will do this.


      1 - When I drag the time head in the timeline to a different frame the display deteriorates into a sort of useless jaggy mish-mash that seems to have no useful function whatever.

      I find this so annoying that it is interfering with the creative process !

      How can I turn this off and just wait for the display to catch up with whatever quality setting I have chosen ?


      2 - During the same action - when I grab the timeline thumb and start to drag it all sorts of wireline rectangles, diagonals and edge markers flicker around and flash on and off as overlays in the composition window. These flashy little bits of window dressing also flick on and off as I pass over elements and layers either in the composition or in the timeline.

      I can find all these items quite easily without these flashy nick-nacks.

      All of this irritating flashy-flickery because it's possible so we've done it UI behaviour is completely redundant and useless information - nothing that I can't find out in other ways if I really want or need to.

      Please can somone tell me how to turn all of this behaviour off ?


      Many thanks in advance.