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    Seeking Opacity/ Color Correction expert


      Hi there,

      I'll try to make this snappy. I'm layering a whole number of frames which each feature small twinkling lights on a black background. I have fiddled for some time to try to make them all appear together with the same level of brightness but alas I am stuck. Effectively what I wish to do is have the lights bleed through as if they were in the frame originally if you see what I mean, whilst the dark sky behind remains simply black. I suspect Opacity is not the feature to be dabbling with here. Are there any Color Correction buffs out there who could suggest anything? Something to brighten the light shades and neutralise all that black perhaps.

      Hope that doesn't sound as much like jibberish as I suspect it does,

      Many thanks in advance,

      Jim, U.K.

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          rejdmast1 Level 2

          Read up on luma keying in the help files.

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            shooternz Level 6

            Take a look at your Blend Effects. ( A fixed effect on every clip )


            Its a bit trial and error but start with  "Screen". (or "OVerlay")


            Now a warning.  My pet peeve about OPACITY it Premiere. !


            To use Blend Effects..one also has to trial and error them  with the level of opacity applied to each one.


            As soon as you adjust the Opacity..it will set an Opacity Key Frame  ( ie an opacity key frame dropping!)


            Try and remember to turn off the Key Frame Stopwatch to work around this.


            BTW - you might want to try and cluster all the lights in a sequence of their own then nest them back to the edit sequence.  Still use the Blend FX in the FX sequence.