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    How to update properly Adobe Reader X MUI 10.1?


      Hi everyone!!!

      I 'm using Adobe Reader X MUI Version 10.1 (Multilingual, 146 MB), which is basically the 10.0 plus an additional 10.10 MSP installer package. I have several questions about the product and how to patch it properly.


      The only way I found to get full product functionality is to install all the updates, one at a time. So in order to get the 10.16 version, I had to patch all the following (which is too lenghty)...










      • I discovered I also can install the updates in any order, but with unpredictable results. So, it is possible to apply patch 10.12 after the 10.15 or so.
      • I installed manually the 10.15 patch immediately after 10.10, but I got no signature toolbar and no "add text" function. They simply were unavailable (I think they were introduced on the 10.12 patch).
      • I reinstalled the Reader and applied the automatic update on the help menu,  my Reader upgraded itself until 10.16 version, but still no signature toolbar, therefore I concluded that the automatic update just ignored  10.12 and 10.13 patches.


      1. Are the MUI patches cumulative or non-cumulative?

      2. Do I have to install always all the patch family 10.10, 10.11...10.15, 10.16 in order to get full product functionality (signature, add text)?

      3. Why not making a full  Reader X MUI 10.14 or 10.15 installer package (exe, msp) with all previous patches included?


      Sincerely yours.

      K. Adam.