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    Premiere cs6 Mac OS 10.6.8 crashes


      Quad Core Xeon 2.66 with 5gb Ram.

      Frequent, regular crashes - particularly if trying to run "denoiser" or when trying to ripple insert clips.

      "Serious Error" message and need to close project and re-open.

      Fairly simple project - not graphic or animation intensive.

      Could it be as simple as OS upgrade or Ram upgrade?

      Did not have these issues with 5.5 - very stable.

      The current circumstance is just not acceptable for a professional program running on a pretty standard system.

      Hoping for a quick fix suggestion.


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          Without seeing the crash log, nobody knows why you might be crashing.

          Could be a bug, could be a third party plugin, or could be just another bug in MacOS.

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            swiffer2 Level 1


            Will see if I can send the crash log - have been sending them regularly to Adobe when prompted after the crash. I am not running any plugins as far as I know - only what came with the program. Wondering if others are experiencing this? Understand that Adobe and Mac don't have a "perfect union" these days but this is probably not a Mac thing because the previous version of Premiere ran just fine - seems to be associated with CS6 (and the update to 6.2).

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              So, looking around on these forums and found statements regarding issues with de-noiser causing crashes in CS5.5 - checked my old software and it was 5.3 - so I guess I didn't have 5.5.  Discussion around removing that plugin. I don't know how to remove plugins and further, I want to use the denoiser from time to time (paid for it after all).

              Don't really know how to post a crash log here but will try again later. I guess I just figure that when Adobe markets a professional program and when it's being run on a fairly standard system doing a fairly simple project, it should run reasonably solidly. Not sure why I would need to become an expert in adding or removing plugins to make a program run and not sure why I'd need expertise at posting crash logs etc. to get some advice. I have been an Adobe Premiere user now for about 8 years now and this is the most instability I have experienced to date.

              'Really grateful if Adobe could look into this and respond with some useful suggestions beyond "nobody knows why you might be crashing"