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    Massive bug by combining Shadow/Highlight and a cross fade

    yash-lucid Level 1

      Hi. I found what appears to be a bug by using a cross fade between two clips with the shadow highlight effect. I cross faded two clips (240fps AVCHD from FS700) each with RGB Curves and Shadow/Highlight and sometimes I get this nasty side effect. The side effect is a random white flashing, or rather an erratic application of the shadow/highlight effect. Maybe it's because it is trying to process the effect on footage which is slowly losing opacity due to the cross fade, and as this happens, the colour data changes as a result. This effect may not happen outright when you try it, I think it applies to specific clips, or clips where the shadow number is higher than the highlights or vice versa. It is now happening again in my new edit and this worries me because I like the effect that it gives, but not the buggy side effect.


      Here is the video where I first experienced it. It only appears to happen at 2:18, but now in my next video, it's happening in my opening shot.


      Rendering with gtx570 & pprocs6.