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    Text frame baseline problem


      Hi, I am working with a document where I have to place text from a Word 2010 DOCX document into ID. The document contains a lot of tables. So far the document's length is 50 A4 pages. I would like to change the default baseline for each of the text frames to be "Caps Height" rather than "Ascent" as it provides some more space and means I don't have to resize tables.  However, I have noticed that even in non-placed documents text frames that are linked (due to overflow) do not carry the same properties, as is illustrated in the image. The top frame (ABC) is set to "Caps Height" the second frame (BAC) automatically reverted to "Ascent".


      Is there any way I can change all the text frames en-mass?


      Interested for feedback.




      Text frames.png