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    Adobe Muse on BC WebBasics SEO

    Howard Sherwood Level 1

      Having built a site in Adobe Muse, hosted on BC via my Creative Cloud membership I am having great difficulty in obtaining any improvement in search engine rankings.  So far I have:

      [1] edited pages properties for every page and inserted appropriate metadata in description, leyword and page titles

      [2] applied [h1] style to relevant headlines on each page

      [3] inserted appropriate meta tags in all alt text and image titles


      I have seen reference to SEO in the Beta section of BC site settings, but my account does not offer this option – is this a feature not available to WebBasics users?


      Any help would be very gratefully received.


      Thank you.

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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Howard, those beta features are for partner accounts only. The SEO ones in question only really enhance existing features of the admin interface wise.


          In terms of SEO there are many factors, primary is content of course, and other factors such as site structure, speed, pages.... And many more are all factors. It is good you looking to do some of the basics there but there is a lot more to do with it.

          How long has the site been  up for, for example. 6 Months? What are your keywords, long tail, short tail? competion, what are people actually searching for etc... Heaps to factor to get good ranking and naturally it can take a bit of time for new sites to sit and rank.

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            Howard Sherwood Level 1



            Thanks for your comments.


            Content is what it is – many specific key words included.


            Site has been live for about three months.


            What do you mean by long and short tail?


            What is competion – do you mean competition?


            I'm afraid that your comments don't really help very much.


            The URL is www.wychwoodchorale.org.uk