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    Photoshop CS6 and Apple's Retina Display




      does anyone know if the issues Photoshop cs6 had with the new retina display has been satisfactorily resolved?


      Many thanks



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          Level 7

          What issues?  A Retina compatible version was released last year.

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            Funny thing, my issue was resolved and now its back

            Ive re installed Photoshop and my canvas size was normal - YAY - Interface looked really fuzzy and terrible.

            Then I installed the update and the interface is super clear and now my canvas size is 50% smaller as it was before.


            Ive spent a few hours with Adobe again on support

            Level1 took forever it was like he did not know what was happening

            He took over my laptop opened and closed windows over and over...

            I told him this was a waste of our time - asked to escalte.


            3 days later I get a call from Level 2 - he admotted he was aware of this issue.

            he then spend an hour with my laptop..... said he woudl get back to me.


            Got an email last night and Adobe says

            "We have checked the issue at our end and it is an expected behavior for retina display."


            They have tried to call but I missed thr calls - I will call today for more help.



            ADOBE please help me - Im about to start a new WEB prject and cannot work this way.


            Thank you

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              john.organ Level 1

              Chris, please help me if you can... ? You are staff right? Im not getting the help I need at all

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                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                John trying the cut the Adobe help support line will not help.  You will get better help here.

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                  conroy Level 5

                  Photoshop is behaving correctly. A Retina display has about twice the linear pixel density of a "regular" display so a given quantity of pixels at a given zoom level will look about half as big on the Retina as on the "regular".


                  The View menu of 13.0.1 and earlier has Actual Pixels meaning 100% zoom. Newer versions which are Retina compatible have 100% and 200% in the View menu.


                  It seems that you need to do some studying of how to develop Web content that's to be displayed at its best on both traditional displays and HiDPI displays.

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                    john.organ Level 1

                    Conroy that simply is not correct.... It worked then it did not.


                    Thats it

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                      conroy Level 5

                      You've described the expected and correct behaviour of Photoshop after the Retina-compatibility update. Your idea of "working" and "not working" is flawed.

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                        Noel Carboni Level 8

                        The concept of what 100% zoom means has changed. 


                        Specifically, before the Retina-aware update, at what Photoshop called 100%, the machine was actually using 2 x 2 Retina Pixels to show one image pixel (pixel doubling mode).  Now it uses only one pixel.  It was actually "wrong" before - and you got used to it working that way.


                        Now you have to learn to work with it at 200% zoom if you want the image pixels to be represented at the same size they were pre-update at 100%.  Ultimately, as Conroy implied, you will likely want to start developing web material with twice as many pixels in each dimension.



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                          john.organ Level 1

                          When I work this way all my fonts and images are pixelated....


                          Spending as much money as I am on gettting the best of the best and I have to work in a pixelated view of my designs... This make no sense to me.



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                            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                            John I do not run a Mac or have a retnia disply.   Long before the retina display was made back in the 2000 a display was manufactured and market in 2001 the IBM T200 its was a 22.2" display with a 204DPI resolution displaying 9.2Mpixels 3840x2400 pixels at that time you needed special display adaptors and it was installed as four 1920x1200 displays with the desktop spread across the four displays seamlessly for it was a single LCD panel.   You might call it the retina display before its time.  While it is the best display I ever used it was hard to use.  While images were absolutely beautiful on the display you had problems using applications for their User Interfaces were designed to for displays with a 96Dpi resolution not a 204dpi resolution so fonts displayed 1/4 the size they would display on a 96dpi display.  You could not comfortably read the fine print.  It was sharp and with a magnifying glass you could easily read it.  This is the same problem many years later in 2012 the retina display encountered.  Current Applications User Interfaces were for use on 96Dpi displays not the retina 200+dpi resolution.  To get around this problem at first Apple would scale application windows up in size so each pixel would be displayed with 4 native retina pixel 2x2.   In other words the display became a 100dpi display and could only display 1/4 of what its potentialy could.  As Application user interface are  update for use on higher resolution displays Apple stop scaling these application windows up in size Fonts are readable and image are sharp and 1/4 the size your were use. You can also see 4 time as many of your images pixels when the applications window is not scaled up in size.