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    Upgraded Lenovo Y500 for DSLR Editing in CS6?

    Boncrek Level 1

      Hello All,


      I've been a long time reader of this great forum.

      I've read most of the go-to posts from the gurus here like Harm about laptop editing and its pitfalls.


      I am however a full time media student and shift my time around alot so I still need a portable editing solution.

      What's more, my budget is around the $1500 USD mark.


      Having said that, I believe I've found the laptop of choice in an upgraded/modded Lenovo Y500.




      CPU: Core i7 3720QM

      RAM: 16GB

      GPU: GT 650M 2GB DDR5 (via the CUDA hack)

      Storage: 240GB SSD + 1TB 7200RPM + Room for More

      Screen: 15.6" Glossy (wish it was matte)

      Cooling: This is one of the more ventilated 15.6" cases with no CPU/GPU throttling.


      Later down the line I'll get an additional HDD caddy and replace the second GPU but that will have to wait due to budget.

      (I know CS6 will not take advantage of SLI but they are only offered via Amazon with the two GPUs)


      I will be working with mostly Canon DSLR footage.

      Also some AVCHD in the future maybe?

      So how likely is this machine to handle these codecs at Full Res in CS6?


      Thanks in advance.