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    FLEX & AIR


      I have read from Todd Prekaski's article that
      "The problem for those who want to develop applications that support both desktop and web runtime environments is that Adobe AIR includes extra APIs that allow for local file access, SQLite database support, native windows, and more. These APIs won't compile into a traditional Flex web-based application destined for web-browser distribution (SWF files that you place on a web server and run inside the browser)."

      I am wondering if there is any other alternative.
      I am working on an requirement where I need to develop a web application which works on the DB on the server side. I need a very strong offline mode, for which I need to be able to access DB on the client side in case there is a broken server connection. This requirement will be further enhanced to access some hardware on the client side as well.

      Please provide your valuable suggestions and kindly let me know if you need any further information.

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          peterent Level 2
          I've thought about this myself and I think we'll probably have something in the final documentation about how to do this.

          You can use Capabilities.playerType to determine if you are running an AIR ("desktop") app or not. That's a runtime thing of course.

          You can put all of the common code in one project, say a Flex Library (swc) project, then have a Flex web project and a Flex AIR project for the remainder. The library code can use Capabilities.playerType to determine what functions to call. If you use interfaces correctly, the library code doesn't need to know how they are implemented.
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            This would be great..