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    Loading an Edge page Iframe and animation at the same time


      Hi every body,


      I have a main page with a container (named BoxPlay) and a button.

      And I have an other page (page2) with severals animations on it : animation 1, animation2...


      I would like to load the page2 but directly with one of his animations.


      Code of the button :

      var container = sym.$("BoxPlay");


      container.append('<iframe id="currentPageHolder" width="'+container.width()+'" height="'+container.height()+'" src="pages/GallerieHomePage/GallerieHomePage.html" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>');


      How can I specify to load also animation 1 or animation 2 ?


      Thanks a lot for your help !

      Without this, I can't finish my website...