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    I get a timeout error when installing flashplayer


      I use:

      HP Pavillion ze4500

      2Ghz Athlon Processor

      1GB Ram

      Windows XP service pack 3


      Opera 12.15


      This morning, 2 things happened when I went to Youtube using IE8: I got a message saying IE8 was no longer supported on Youtube & that I needed the latest version of flashplayer installed (I've got a screenshot of that!). When I tried to get the lastest version, it wouldn't complete installation, the installer indicated "download timeout" (I've got screenshot!). I tried using one of the other download options offered on this site's help section and verified that I got the latest version installed (I have screenshot!). However, Youtube still gives the same message about needing flashplayer.

      Next, I tried using Opera. I got no message saying Opera wasn't supported and no message saying I needed flash player, but video was choppy when played. I tried downloading flashplayer using Opera, but still got a "download timeout".