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    DXtory Codec


      I've been trying to record gameplay, I purchased DXtory for screen recording, but for some reason, when I import the video file to premiere pro, the audio works fine, but the video just stays black. When I open it in media player, or any video player, the audio and video works fine. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the codec, because with the exact same setting with a diffrent codec, it works, but just terribly. Is there any way I can fix this? is it something I'm doing wrong? I'd really like this fixed because I'd hate to find out that I spent $40 on dxtory and it doesnt work. :/

      If i haven't given the right information, please just ask and I'll find it for you, I don't really know what information needs to be given for this proble


      p.s. I've seen poeple on youtube that use DXtory to record, and Premiere pro to edit, one of them i know that they use the default codec, but they just use an older version of it.