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    My InDesign CS6 keeps freezing everytime I try to open it on my MAC


      So I recently bought the whole student edition creative suite 6 from Adobe for the art projects I have to do for school and Im trying to work in a project in Indesign but recently it has been freezing on me. Not only InDesign but also Illustrator and even Photoshop. I tried updating the software but for some reason any program that runs with Adobe freezes up on me. I read online if I restarted the computer maybe that would do, which it help to fix the problem for a few minutes but it kept freezing on me after I restarted my computer. I own a 2009 MacBook Pro laptop and is updated to the latest software update, I havent updated to the latest Apple update for the new computers because I saw that software update from apple didnt had good reviews and also because I dont have that much $$$ to buy the update through the mac app store so thats why I decided to stay with my current update. All my programs with the exception of the adobe applications run perfectly its the adobe creative suite thats keeps freezing so please ANYONE CAN HELP ME OUT HERE?!?