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    Can quality be boosted on video captured from non-HD camera?


      I have a Panasonic AGDVC30 camcorder (non-HD) and Premiere Pro CS5 and would like to know if there are any settings on Premiere Pro that would allow me to create a sharper video image on the DVD. From what I've been told (but have not been able to verify), the default video settings on the camcorder produces as good an image as it can. The quality of the completed DVDs is adequate, so there is no problem with the camcorder or software, and my computer was upgraded per recommendations from the PP Hardware Forum, so the system good. I shoot junior hockey games and would just like to get the image as close to HD as possible without springing for a new HD camcorder right now. I have been using the default settings on Premiere Pro and Encore when capturing and authoring the DVDs. Thank you.