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    Link to Video files gets lost


      I am using Premiere Elements 11 Editor (Mac App Store). Ich have my project in the video folder of MacOS X, because after the installation of PRE11 the software forced me to copy the project that I've started in PRE9 to that folder. In the project a list of Video files was already included. The video files are on an external hard drive, plugged with USB 2.0.


      After coming back to my project several times later and restarting the software, all links to the video files gets lost and I had to relink them one by one, even when I select more than one and click on Edit/Search Media. With more than 100 video files this is very annoying. Is there a way to bring PRE to the point that it remembers the links? I think this should be the minimum of a video editing software for that price.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

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          With the material on an external, you will need to set the Volume name (like a PC's drive letter, but with differences), to match what it was, when the material was Imported.


          When media is Imported, the actual media files are NOT Copied over to the Project, but instead, absolute Paths to the media files are established in lnks to it. If anything changes in the absolute Path, then PrE will find the links broken, and they must be re-established.


          On a PC, I could step you through the process of setting the drive letter in the OS, so that it is always the same (that is part of the absolute Path), but on a Mac, I am lost, being a PC-only guy. Others, who are on, and know Mac's, will be able to help you with the Volume name.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            There is something wrong with your workflow -- but it's hard to say what, based on the information you've given us.


            If you're on a Mac and you're keeping your external hard drive plugged in, the computer should maintain the links to your media files. My Mac sure does! So I'm not sure what, but you're doing something that's breaking these links.