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    odd thing happening to my transitions

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      Scenario: 15 minute, 720p, 59.94 program using only Premiere CS6. Two runs of the same program are placed back-to-back on timeline and burned to standard def DVD via Dynamic Link to Encore (account can only purchase 30 minute blocks of time thus the need to play same program twice).  Burned to SD DVD for delivery to local cable broadcaster. Transitions used are Premiere's Cross Dissolve.


      After burning to DVD the 30 frame transitions on the first instance of program play fine. On the second instance of program the transitions are not as smooth.


      Problem not detectable when playing from timeline in program monitor or on external Sony pro production monitor.


      I've never seen anything like this but then I've done a program like this where it is played twice, in succession.


      I deleted the render files and re-rendered and re-burned. No luck.


      Thanks for any insights.



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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          The first thing I'd recommend is to skip Dynamic Link and export out of PP using an MPEG2-DVD preset.  Create the double run in the PP sequence so you end up with just one export.

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            artistdomain Level 1

            Hi Jim,


            I'm curious: Do you have reason to believe, or is it known, that  Encore is problematic in handling transitions exported to via Dynamic Link?


            I've been considering that approach. But if possible, I'd like to try to gain an understanding of what is causing this.





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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              I don't know what's causing it, I just find the DL approach more of a 'consumer big button' feature, handy for those who don't really know what they're doing but better avoided by learning what to do.


              I prefer to have more control and prepare my Encore assets outside of Encore.  As a result, I don't have these weird issues.

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                DMH79 Level 2

                Hi Artistdomain...


                I'm wondering if it's the same issue that many other users have experienced with cross dissolves (search forum for "Cross Dissolve NOT smooth" for the thread). Can you somehow pull out and post short samples of the different cross dissolves or describe what you mean by "not as smooth"? In my recent post of the top 15 things I hoped the NEXT release of PPro would fix/add this issue is definitely one of them. See #13 on my list here:  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1179004


                Is that similar to what you experienced? I'm hoping that the issue will be fixed as suggested by a SteveHoeg in post #32 of that thread. Let's hope we're talking about the same thing. I never dynamic link PPro to Encore so I don't think it's that...IF we are talking about the same "not smooth" issue.

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                  Hi DMH79, Thanks for your response and insight on this.


                  Yeah, transitions on that video look like mine. To be honest, I thought there was something wrong when playing pack from my timeline but it didn't so bad that it was killer and the account was not complaining when I gave them drafts of the program encoded to MP4 files at the project's full 1280x720p rez. But output to DVD made them considerably more apparent. When the account sees that they will undoubtedly complain.


                  I've been primarily involved with location audio production over the past couple of years and I guess I forgot what smooth cross-dissolves are supposed to look like. (This is the first video production project I've worked on in CS6... So the problem is indeed apparent on the timeline and significantly worse on DVD output.      


                  After looking at this thread, I have decided to do a test by changing from GPU Acceleration to software only and thus the timeline is now being re-rendered accordingly.


                  I'll let post the results here soon, after the DVD burn. 


                  I wonder if we could speak on the phone briefly re an Adobe matter unrelated to this and thus not really appropriate for this thread BUT definitely a matter of concern which I think many users are not even aware of. I'd like to get some private opinions before posting in these forums and how to approach that. 






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                    artistdomain Level 1

                    Deleting render files, re-rendering and re-burning have not helps. I reduced duration of transitions from 30 to 20 frames hoping to make less noticeable, which I supposed has done that but NOT enough. I also turned off GPU accelration.


                    The problem seems to degrade further into the program when the second instance of the program begins and degrades even more from there, it seems. Both instances of the program are on the same timeline so I cannot fathom that.


                    It really seems tio me that exporting/compressing for DVD either makes the problem worse or at least the compression makes it more apparent.


                    Has Adobe acknowledged the problem?


                    Anyoner have any ideas on what is causing this and how to deal with it? Or a workaround?