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    events in DHTMLSafe

      I am running activedit 5 by zrinity on my site. We had users who HAD to use ctrl-v to paste, so we had to use their recommended word cleaning javascript. ( http://www.zrinity.com/support/kb/index.cfm/fuseaction/single/id/1101) However, we found that it caused Firefox to absolutely refuse to run any of the other JS on the page. This is bad (tm)

      Zrinity knowledge base does not speak to this, and i've found a number of items on their pages that do not work properly with firefox. I am also having difficulty getting the support code from our server team for activedit on the off chance that they CAN help me fix it fore firefox. So, basically, you're my only hope...

      I chased event handling for a few days because as you see it speaks to parentwindow.event.keyCode which is more of a MSIE event model than a W3C/Netscape model, but then i noticed the following - "aeObject.DOM.onkeyup = function aeObject.ae_onkeyup() { " Which i find VERY odd. it' s almost like a double onkeyup. Plus the parentwindow thing.
      which i find confusing. I'm having real trouble figuring out the aeObject variable and it's associated DOM and it SEEMS to be doing some sort of iframe/activx thing as well.

      I've looked in usenet, and attempted to apply my pathetic google fu. But i'm at a loss in understanding how to "fix" this problem so that my firefox users aren't locked out of the app.