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    Printing 100% Yellow?

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      iMac - Mountain Lion

      Creative Cloud - full suite

      OKI 310DN Printer


      My entire system is new - Just defected from Microsoft Land


      I recently printed a document I used regularly in Windows XP / Illustrator CS2 which contains 100% yellow logos. On my new iMac / CS6 these logos are now printing with a percentage of magenta making them look orange!

      I've tried every combination of colour settings I can find but cannot get it to print 100% yellow. Photoshop was exactly the same.


      I've prepared a printer test page in Illustrator to print 8 circles -


      C=100 MYK=0,

      M=100 CYK=0,

      Y=100 CMK=0,

      K=100 CMY=0,


      Spot - Process C

      Spot - Process Y

      Spot - Process M

      Spot - Process K


      The resulting printed page had the magenta over the yellow, both types looked identical and had a visible dot under magnification.


      I then printed a page from Libre Office Writer (open source version of Microsoft Office) containing 3 large letter 'A' in yellow.

      These printed in perfect 100% yellow with no visible dot at all.


      What am I doing wrong in CS6 to produce wrong colours?????




      Mike G

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          John Danek Level 4

          I'd be interested in your settings ( the ones you've tried so far ).  Is "Printer manages color" selected?  Or are you using "Bla Bla application determines color"?  Have you corrected permissions on the HD?  Have you updated the driver?  Have you contacted the printer manufacturer?  Also, check your Bridge color setting.  When you implement "sRGB" in your workflow, often a color cast shows up in the print.  Just a hunch.