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    How does InDesign re-link assets if files have been moved around?

    phill_r Level 1

      I have a question that i'm not sure how to state clearly so bear with me .


      I'm working with a colleague laying out a large catalogue. The colleague works in a different location. Within the catalogue are tons of image assets.


      What we'd like to do is:

      1) I work on the layout for a bit

      2) Give the INDD file to my colleague

      3) He does some work on it

      4) Sends INDD file back to me

      5) Repeat from #1, etc, etc....


      I'll be burning him a DVD containing all the images so that we're working from the exact same assets on our computers. INDD file transfer will just be done through email or Dropbox.


      What i'm concerned about is the re-linking of files. When I get the INDD file back from my colleague, I'd like InDesign to automatically re-link to all of the assets on my workstations so I can begin working immediately. What I don't want to have happen is my INDD file says "1000 files are missing, please re-link every single one" .


      If the asset folder is kept in the same folder as the INDD file, everything works perfectly fine.


      But i'm curious, how careful do I need to be around 'maintaining' the file structure? Like if I put one of the images into a new sub-folder, would InDesign on my colleague's computer automatically 'search' for the file and find it, or would my colleague need to match his file structure to mine?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Here's how ID works with links:


          First, the links in the file are absolute paths, meaning they refer to a particular location. If that location is acessible, ID will find the link and all is well. If the location is not acessible (on your colleague's hard drive, for example) ID will look for the links first in the current folder from which the .indd file was opened, and if nothing is found there, in any subfolders.


          But why are you both relinking? Do you both need to work with the links for output? Since CS4 there has been a Preference under File Handling that allows you to choose whether or not to find and update links when opening files, and it seems most likely to me that one of you should be ignoring missing and modified links and jut getting to work.