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    can't authorize another computer with the same account ?

    Emilie Houille



      I have 2 computers, one older than the other.

      - on the older, I have the old version of ADE w/ lots of ebooks on it. I had it authorized (created an account etc...).

      - on the new one, I have recently downloaded the new version of ADE, without authorizing it at first.


      I wanted to transfer my ebboks from the older computer to the new one. It appeared I couldn't because the books were unauthorized or something like that. So I tried to get the authorization for the new computer, and the new version of ADE. The message when I try to fill in my usual ID/Password is "You can authorize this computer only if you do not use an ID that has already been comitted to an another computer or mobile device. Please Try again" (excuse me if its not exactly what you know : I'm french, and I tried to translate the message).


      I have been reading the Q&A on the subject, and none of the questions mention this type of message. I am actually trying to get rid of one of my two computer. Of course I need to authorize w/ the same account. It can't be that you are bound by one computer or device ...


      I do not use any device now : my old one is broken, so I read on my comptuer.


      Please, can someone give me advice ?

      May be I can get my old ebooks by another method ?


      Thank you so much for your help