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    Adobe flash and Adobe Player


      Could someone please explain to this stupid computer novice what Adobe flash and Adobe player are? They seem to be in bed with and attached tightly to Facebook [which I also dislike}. Thanks Adobe for being so unhelpful,invasive and secretive as to what your real motives are. I got rid of my PC because of viruses and spyware but it seems to me that Adobe is nothing more than useless spyware. Why do I need Adobe? Please, someone tell me.

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          moccamaximum Level 5

          Flash provides an uncomplicated way to provide Multimedia for the Browser. The Flashplayer is used as a plugin for your browser to stream Video, play Games, show Animations, embed special fonts for designers.


          There exists no such thing as a "Adobe player". For a while (until 2010) Adobe maintained 3 different "Players":


          1.The Adobe Media Player (solely for videos) 2. The Adobe Shockwaveplayer (for playing Director-content) and 3. The Flashplayer


          Today the Flashplayer has overtaken all of these technologies and Shockwave is going extinct fast. Adobe Mediaplayer development has been ended.

          You will need Flash to view that kind of content  until a better technology is available and widely as standard adopted.