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    bford225 Level 1

      hey i am wondering what is the adobe markting cloud? and how do i sign up for it. i am a photographer student. i graduate this may. so yall came out with a few new cloud services.


      1. adobe creative cloud, i am a part of as a free member.


      2. adobe marting cloud????


      3. adobe digtal publishing


      and some other cloud severives.  how can i sign up for them and how would they work a photographer?

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          Ameeth Palla Adobe Employee

          Adobe Marketing Cloud offers 5 solutions which comprehensivley help to realise maximum value for an organization's marketing revenue. You can find more information about the products and solutions @ http://www.adobe.com/solutions/digital-marketing.html There is no free sign-up to Marketing Cloud. This may not of much use to a Photographer.


          Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Family of products aid in publishing and managing Digital content. You can find more information @ http://www.adobe.com/products/digital-publishing-suite-family.html This maybe of value to you if you are planning to create digital content using your potographs and publish it online.


          For a full listing of Adobe Products and Solutions please check out - http://www.adobe.com/products/catalog.html


          Hope this helps.

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            bford225 Level 1

            o okay. well i am sad about the marking cloud. i kinda thought it was going to help me as a photographer out. hum.


            i would love to use the markting cloud to help market myself. so you are sure theres no need for a photographer to use the marketing cloud?


            i can kinda see why you say no. becasue thats more for desginers.


            i am planing to go back to school after a few years working as a freelance photographer and study one of the designs cartificuit degrees.



            as far as the digital pubishing suite. yes i am interested in that. only becasue i have taken illustrator, photo shop , and indesign classes at school. and i was working on the portfoilo app thing yall posted on adobe TV about publishing your work to app stores. etc. so how do you sign up for the digital publishing cloud?



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              Ameeth Palla Adobe Employee

              Adobe Marketing Cloud is for Marketing Solutions at an enterprise level and not for personal marketing.


              Digital Publishing does not have a free login either. You will have to contact sales if interested to buy.