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    Storyboard Frame Number


      Trying to find a way to use Indesign's automated numbering system to number storyboard frames. Let's say you import 16 storyboard pics and have them arranged on one page. Is there a way to create a movable "frame number" text field under each storyboard? Again, this field needs to be movable, and not in a regimented position on the page, like one sees in a calendar. I've seen the incremental numbering tutorial in the Paragraph Style functions, but this approach appears to need text to work properly. For example, in one text field you can create "frame 01:  red hat" and in another frame "frame 02:  yellow hat" For storyboards, I'm looking for a way to see only the following in each text box:  "01" (under frame image 1) "02" (under frame 2) and so on. Just the frame number. Any ideas? Huge thanks, Andrew