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    Interface lag when not playing back.

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      I was hoping you could help me find a solution to the interface lag I experience in all Adobe products.   Because I video edit more than most things in Premiere CS6 I've found the best display of what I am talking about and recorded it for you to see.   It's just easier that way.  




      Please notice that when I am not playing back there is considerable lag to the interface, however as soon as I start playback the lag is gone and the interface works smooth as butter.   Very strange.


      Please offer some helpful advice?


      My system specs:

      Adobe CS6 MC

      Win7 64

      Asus Z9PE-D8

      Dual Intel Xeon 2.6 Ghz 8 core

      64 gig RAM

      GFX: Quadro 5000

      SSD main drive, 10k Raptor Cache Drive

      Dual Dell 30in Monitors


      All drivers up to date