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    Password Protect Form Structure/Code

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      I am looking for a way to password protect the code/structure of a form but leave everything else open/unsecure ie filling, printing, emailing, ect.  Is there a way to do this with these versions of applications that anyone has found?


      Adobe Acro Pro X 10.1.6

      Adobe Livecycle designer ES2 9.0


      I don't want the user to see the protection when the form is opened in reader.  I only want to see the protection or password message box if someone were to open the pdf in Livecycle Designer.


      I've tried password protecting the form with LC and then extending the rights but it always takes off the password protection when I do this.  So first I add the protection in LC then I save the PDF then I open the PDF in Acro Pro X and extend the rights. 


      If anyone has run into this I would appreciate some suggestions.  Is there a way to code in an open event maybe to check for the environment????

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          Yes you can add a password to a doc that will only show up when you open it in LiveCycle designer and not when a user opens the file in Reader/Acrobat.


          You will need both LiveCycle designer AND Acrobat.

          You do your dev in designer and then you add security from Acrobat.


          In acrobat

          Advanced > Security > Encrypt with Password

          Then under Permission, check mark Restrict editing, provide a password and check mark what you can allow/disallow.


          Click OK.

          A 2nd dialog box will ask you to re-enter your password.


          Afterwards you need to save the file and you will notice that the title bar will now show (Secured)


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            BTW, even though its secured.  It can easily be hacked.  ie. the password stripped off.  Our forms have been hacked and if you google it you can find products/websites that can do it.  Adobe will probably suggest you go with Rights Mgmt if you want better security but then it will make a call out each time the form is open (worst case) and a call out once every x days (best case).

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              This is what I was looking for.  I am actually just looking for a way to stop intercompany users from making changes really.  Just in case they might get a wild idea and say "Oh lets put this over here and that over there" lol :-)  I guess though, do you have a way of securing a PDF via encryption that can't be hacked?  In other coding languages I can encrypt/decrypt using a 40 character password mixed with a salt that is pretty tough to get through but I'm not sure if Adobe has something that you can code into it.  Would be good info if you had it though :-)