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    New/Existing ID CS5 document causes infinite spinning wheel (OS X 10.8)


      This is a very strange issue that occurred the moment we purchased a new Macbook Pro 13" Retina with OS X 10.8.  A brand new install, no other applications besides Adobe CS5.


      - All of the other CS5 applications open and perform as expected except for InDesign.

      - InDesign opens apparently fine, but if you go to create a new document or open an existing one, the cursor spins and spins, never timing out or never giving an error.

      - We have done a full uninstall, ran the cleaner to ensure everything was removed, and performed another install of CS5 with InDesign and only the core components.

      - We have reinstalled OS X, and updated it to 10.8.3.  We have also tried opening InDesign with Safe Mode, experiencing the same issue.

      - We have seen suggestions to go into the SING folder and delete the Mark folder, but there are no folders in there.

      - We have downloaded CS6 and InDesign works as expected


      We are about out of ideas other than to upgrade the Adobe suite.  Is there anything else that we can test?  We have spoken to Apple support, but they suggested everything they could before indicating that Adobe should be contacted.