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    Impossible Instruction given in update process: URGENT!



        The issue is on my husband's computer, but I am writing because the glitch is preventing him from opening ANY browser and getting online to attempt resolution.


      He got an automated notice for an update to Flash Player, and when he clicked on the box to do so, it triggered a dialog box instructing him to "first shut down this program."  The trouble is, we cannot determine WHAT the program is, and running a "find program" search on his computer failed to find any such program. The program it wants shut down prior to installing the update is listed as:  _ecxtragui48 .


      Be advised that my husband's career was formerly in hardware-software configuration, so he knows his way around computers, and how to look for hidden files.  He was in system files, and several other places, and this progam cannot be found! 


      How can you shut down a program that is invisible?  With that cryptic "name" of the program, there is no way to tell WHAT it is!


      Because he is a heart patient, and uses his computer for video visits with his doctor, it is URGENTLY IMPERATIVE that this issue be resolved!!

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          I do not know what "_ecxtragui48" is, but it is obviously something that is running on that computer, and must be closed before the Flash Player update can go ahead.


          What is the operating system?  If Windows, use the Task Manager's Processes tab to end the process.


          I would also recommend to run a full scan with an up-to-date antivirus software, as that process name sounds highly suspicious to me.