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    Shape tool compatibility CS6 and lower


      Hi there!  I'm attaching a document, created in CS6 that is giving me grief when trying to open and use in lower versions.  (have created documents for a group of people with various versions)


      Have created two rectangle shapes,(white stroke, no fill, shape tool not path) each living on it's own layer, have added ancor points to then delete a portion of the rectangle creating needed opening at the top.


      I would like the end user to be able to use his direct selection tool, to be able to increase or decrease the size of the opening as he needs. (imagine if you will, typing a name in the provided opening... different length names need different size openings)


      When saved (maximim compatibility on) and opened in CS2 I receive this message:  unknown data has been encountered reading layer (layer xxxxx) will be discarded... continue?


      The artwork is all still there, but I loose the ability to direct select (ancor points) the shapes.  Can move it around as a whole, but that wasn''t the perk.


      Any thoughts?  link following.....