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    RH 7 Search highlight in a merged project

    HKabaker Level 2
      I opened a master project in RH 7. The master and all subprojects were generated in RH X5 and RH 6.

      I re-generated WebHelp for the master project, including the new Search highlight option, and published to the merged project master directory. I did not regenerate any subprojects in RH7.


      Merged TOC is OK.
      Merged Index is OK. A given index term finds stuff where it should in the subprojects.
      The Search function is OK. Search terms find everything in the subprojects.

      Search highlight does not function. The checkbox does not appear in the search pane at left, and there is no highlighting in any of the found topics.

      Tentative conclusion: Search highlighting does not work unless the master and all sub-projects have been generated in RH 7 with the highlight option selected in all of them.

      (Following up later:)
      I added a subproject, which I generated in RH 7 with search highlight selected and published into the merged projects. This time the master search pane showed the checkbox. It found all instances of the search term, but it was highlighted only in the new project, as well as the master project.

      Modified conclusion:
      The search highlight works in a master project if at least one subproject is generated in RH 7, but only in the one(s) gen'ed in RH 7.

      Has anyone else looked at this in RH7?