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    Need some help with Panel

      I and trying to make a sub-class of Panel with a series of buttons at the top. As the buttons will be outside the container area, I chose to put them into the titleBar. using titleBar.addChild()

      The problem is, the buttons I place inside the titleBar do not get Events. How do I fix this?

      In what I think is a related problem. If you adjust the "headerHeight" property to say "12" and then have controls (button/combo) at the top of the panel's container, the top of controls do not get events, but the bottom of the controls do. It seems that something in the Panel is blocking events at the top of the panel.

      Any ideas?


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          Jason Szeto Level 3

          When are you adding the buttons to the titleBar? You should be adding them in createChildren, after super.createChildren() has been called. The titleBar is comprised of a titleBackground, a title textField and a statusTextField. These will cover most of the titleBar. You must ensure that your buttons get added last so that they are at the topmost depth.