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    Audio cutting out Randomly and Video stopping most of the time

    Rokeugon Level 1

      im using firefox and i recently upgrade to 11.7.7 and the same goes with shockwave , im now starting to get these VERY ANNOYING bugs were il be sitting watching a video and then the audio just cuts out for no appearing reason and then short after the audio cuts out the video STOPS , even tho the video was buffered within sec (have a Amazing Internet) so Internet cant be the problem , this is starting to annoy the crap out of me and does anyone know a quick fix for this , i think i may need to go back and re-install the older version , so far its happened on google and on WatchOP & AnimeFreak - and tested a couple of videos on youtube and it does not happen or at least it did not happen when i played those 3 videos

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