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    Question about a Blurry Glass effect


      Hi guys, I just created an account and joined and I am sorry to start with a question but I have been dying to know if there is a solution to this.


      I use Adobe Fireworks CS5.


      This is what I did (step by step) please bare with me.




      1 - ] I created this vector shape, dropped shade etc,



      2 - ] Then I added some random picture to the background.




      3 - ] I copied the first vector image and pasted 10 pixel to the right and under. I used Drop Shadow and Knock-Out option to get rid of the inside filling and keep the stroke, shade etc.




      4 - ] I coppied the second vector image and used "Convert path to Marquee" to cut a piece from the background image.




      5 - ] I applied blur effect on the piece and I got this.




      6 - ] I selected the background image and the piece that I just blurred and sent them back.




      7 - ] So I got this glass look like shape that gives the impression that image behind the glass is blurry because of the glass itself.


      As you can guess if I move the background image 200 pixels to the right side blurry image and the background image won't match because I cut a piece from the background image to create that blurry part. Now my question is : Is there any way to create that blurry glass looking shape WITHOUT cuting a piece from the background image ? and part of the background image that stays under the glass looks blurry when I move the background image ?


      Thank you in advance