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    flash player keeps crashing


      I have had an issue ever since I downloaded the newest version of adobe flash player. It has crashed on me over 9 times just today. It's getting so frustrating. I have tried to uninstall it and install a older version but it will not let me. I would appreciate some help with this.

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          Pride of the Pacific

          Hello, buddy. I share the same dilemma with you wherein I cannot play online games nor watch YouTube videos because of having the Adobe Flash Player crashed. I tried many other sites and yet experiences the same problem. I use Mozilla Firefox and assumed that it was a browser-related problem. However, when I tried using other browsers, I still get the same problem. I've tried downgrading and upgrading my flash but the problem still occurs.


          To solve this problem temporarily while we are addressing this issue, as a community of users, to Adobe, you may try using an alternative named "HTML5." However, beforehand, I am warning you that some websites may still not work under HTML5 because they prefer Flash Player better.