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    Missing sign panel in german, spanish and french Reader 10.14


      Hi everyone. I'm an Adobe Reader X user on Vista Home Premium, but I'm having some hard time using the german, spanish and french versions of Reader 10.14.

      Basically, on every installation, the "Sign" panel and the "add text" function dissapear.



      • It only reappears when I switch the program to english (Preferences...-> International -> Change language on program startup). When applying the upgrades 10.15 and 10.16, the sign panel is missing again  when using these languages.. I tried to repair the installation, same problem.



      • I also tried to make a custom Adobe Reader X MUI with my favorite languages. There is simply no option for selecting or checking the languages you want on any window or panel, and the only solutions I found are difficult (modifying the setup.ini file, or making a custom installation with some wizard and making a transformed msi file).
      • Why not simply copying the DE, ES and FR folders on the c:\program files\Adobe\Reader/Locale? Seems to work, but I still do not get my sign panel back!!!


      Can anyone please give some solution to this?