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    TextField question

    i_am_captivate Level 1

      What I am doing is creating a game. Basically what I have is a comboBox on frame 1, where the user can select between 1-10 players. Based on the number they select, that many textInput boxes appear. From here, they are able to input the names of all of the players and then click begin. When they click begin, the names that are entered are stored in an array, and the names are then displayed on the next frame.

      My problem is I can't format the text of the names when they appear.

      I've attached the code.

      Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you need to enable the embedFonts property of your textfields and you need a font in your library with linkage id = Arial. if you want that font to be bold, embed a bold font and remove your enabling of your textformat's bold property.