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    problems converting large animation into a symbol

    shadowfax007 Level 1

      Hi all-


      I was afraid I was going to have trouble with this!


      I have a large animation (actually an entire HTML page).  Within this animation I have several symbols.  Everything works.


      Now, I need to turn the entire page into it's own symbol to use with Edge Commons.


      I've tried to selectAll and convert To Symbol but it comes out all garbled.  I tried to grab all the elements with the exception of the symbols and do the same thing but that didn't work either!


      When I create a symbol of all the elements WITHOUT the symbols, here's what happens:

      I open a new file, set the stage to the correct size and import the symbol, It imports but at 3 times it's original size!  The original width is 1280.  The stage becomes 4261px in width.  The animation is there at the correct width but starts at about 2280 on the stage.  I cannot move it onto the stage because everything crams up and gets garbled instead of just moving - the same thing happens when I try to change the stage size.


      When I try to export and then import the entire symbol (symbols and all):

      The same thing happens as above but only a small portion of the elements or symbols appear!


      I have 7 of these I need to do - Can anyone give me some ideas of what to do?


      I've included the zipped animation (it's a large file!) in case anyone wants to give it a try and convert it into a symbol...




      I appreciate everyone's help!