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    1st time - PC build feedback appreciated - Video editing and 3D art





      First time buyer of the Production Premium Suite (CS6 purchased).  First time user of Premiere Pro.  Hence the lack of participation in this forum (Noob here *hand up*)

      My intention for the computer: Personal photos and video storage/editing, MS Office work, music storage

      Spouse's intention for the computer: 3D art/rendering (Autodesk Maya - work purposes)

      First time building a PC


      Here's my attempt building a PC and would really appreciate your feedback:




      I tried to build my pc based on previous forums/recommendations within a budget of $2,200 +/- to give an appreciation on what previous contributors have recommended (hopefully).

      Based on previous forums the standard for a premiere pro PC is 3 storage devices. I added a 4th storage unit (HDD) to store my office work and music (non-video/3d art files).

      Any cost-saving/performance improvements are appreciated if within a 5% price difference with the following restrictions:

      -I have no intention to overclock the hardware or tinker with the software. My local computer retailer is building the PC and all I need to do is plug in the machine and install the default software.

      -I would like to remain in the official Adobe video card list recommended for Premiere Pro (I believe GTX 680 is now accepted http://blogs.adobe.com/premierepro/2012/09/premiere-pro-cs6-6-0-2-update-hidpi-for-retina- display-bug-fixes-and-new-supported-gpus.html)




      Thank you in advance for your time and comments