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    Opening drm pdf books (several years old) now crashes digital editions 2.0 'stops working'

    martha joyce

      I have now tested several dozen of my older ebooks, all with the same result.  The book 'begins' to open, cover appearing on the screen, and the error message "Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 has stopped working.  A problem caused the software to stop working correctly.  Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."  the software stops working with that error message.  Windows closes the program.

      When I re-open, the same thing immediately happens.  I then go in through another drm book that is newer, the only way to open the software without it crashing, and of course, I find and delete the offending file.  I try to reinstall it and again, the cover appears, the error message appears and the software crashes.  The item isn't added to the library so in that case, I can actually relaunch the software.


      BUT the ebook will open directly from the file and can be read in Digital Editions:

      When I try to launch from the pdf itself, it opens in Adobe Digital Editions just fine.  Then, I try to copy it to the Library and the software crashes again, with the same message.  So clearly there is no problem with licensing or permissions (or it wouldn't open at all).


      This is not one ebook, but many.  Coincidentally, all are older pdfs (from 2011 or so), most appear to be from the HarperCollins group. 


      Is this a bug in the new version?  I'm guessing so....had no issues at all with the last version(s). 


      What gives? I own license rights for all of these and have read them a number of times.