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    Updates not working in PSE 11

    clarni_lizki Level 1



      I'm trying Photoshop Elements 11. My camera needs Camera Raw version 7.3 for Elements so it can read it. Elements came with version 7.1 and doesn't read the RAW files. If I go to Updates, there's an error and it suggess the server could be down. However...


      If I look up the error (u41m1c212) all links seem to suggest to disable something called "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter". Well, I don't have that at all, not enabled, not disabled, nothing. So there's nothing to disable.


      Main question is, could the problem be because it's a trial version? If that's the case, that's too bad and would be a hassle trying it...


      I also have Lightroom and tried Updates in the menu and it worked fine.


      Any ideas?