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    How to maintain session b/w mxml files

    Gokulanand Level 1
      Hi ,

      I am a newbie for flex developement.

      i have created two files called signin.mxml and signout.mxml

      in signin.mxml i will collect the client details as session values, and in signout.mxml i should check the session values here.

      How i should pass the values to this

      pls Guide me

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          ntsiii Level 3
          Your question tells me that you do not yet understand the Flex application architecture.

          Flex apps are not page-based, they are component-based. Instead of calling a new page to change the user interface, you simply navigate to a different component. State is retained on the client, and "sessions" are not used.

          You will want to have a main applicatio file, say "main.mxml" In that file you will have Viewstack. The first child of the ViewStack wil be your signin component, another will be the signout component, and the rest will contain the rest of your application.

          Signin will display first. Whe sigh in is successful, your will set the viewstack to the desired application view. When the user needs to signout, set the Viewstack to that view.

          The signin data can be kept at the main application level where it can be easily accessed from anywhere in the application.