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    "Unknown BIB error", anybody ever actually fix this?

    tdsurf Level 1

      So I haven't used AE for about a year. I have V7 but had installed a trial of CS5.5 and that has expired so I uninstalled it. But V7 is now telling me "After Effects warning: Unknown BIB Error, Invalid encoding BRV 0.


      The only thing I can find searching the web is "you have a FONT problem, uninstall the problem font" or similary vague responses.


      This makes absolutely no sense. WHICH font? Come on Adobe, can't we give me a solution? It worked fine for over a year, and after installing CS5.5 too.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          It means that your font encoding is not recognized, which could be a simple compatibility problem - AE 7 is not officially compatible with Win 7/ Win 8 or even Win Vista. That said, if it worked before chances are that your CS5.5 uninstall removed some shared component that worked magic like parts of the font system. Reinstalling it therefore might fix the issue.



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            tdsurf Level 1

            Thank you Mylenium for the response.


            I had not yet uninstalled CS5.5 when the error began. The only thing I can think of that changed (since it last worked) was the CS5.5 trial ended. Could it be that disabled something on the system that is being used by other programs? The other option is that an Apple software update changed something. That is all that I can think of, this is on a Mac running OSX. I only use this system for Final Cut and AE. Otherwise I really don't use Apple, it is a dedicated system.


            Now that I have a paying job that needs AE, I have to turn the work down. Especiale Bummer in this economy.


            So if there is something mysterious going on with the fonts, surely there is a way to locate and repair it(?!?!) Can I uninstall the fonts and reinstall them? Should I reinstall AE CS5.5?


            I'm thinking there are hundreds of people who have experienced this, but every instance I can find on the web, there is no final resolution. I don't want to let this go like that as it slips silently into the darkness. Someone please help find a solution,


            thank, Tom

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Mmh, Macs are evil.... Could indeed be that some system update broke some internal stuff. just like on Windows, AE 7 is not really compatible with the latest versions of OSX. A notorious issue has been OSX messing around with the Verdana font that is used by Adobe apps for instance. That might be a place to start - download it from Microsoft, reinstall. Otherwise you might try the usual troubleshooting - remove all fonst from your system until the bare minimum is left, try to log in as a new user or even enable the root user, trash the AE prefs, perhaps change your system screen resolution and flush out the system font caches with a tool like OnyX.



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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                A good font manager for Mac can find and repair corrupted fonts. I find that most font errors come right after installing a new app. It can happen with almost any app. Fortunately for me It's never caused more than a couple of minutes trouble. I use FontExplorer X Pro and love it. There are several good ones.

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                  tdsurf Level 1

                  I wanted to follow up and say I found and fixed the problem. It was a font and removing it allowed AE7 to start up. Basically I just looked for the font that had the latest date on it. Within FontBook (Apple app) there is an option that tested the font and found a problem with it so that also verified. Many thanks to Mylenium and Rick Gerard for your assistance.